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A Book for Fathers from the Author of The Blind Side
A Book for Fathers from the Author of The Blind Side

If you enjoyed the story of The Blind Side, then you might want to check out Michael Lewis’ book for fathers, Home Game: An Accidental Guide to Fatherhood.  The book chronicles Lewis’ records of being a father, starting right when each child was born.  He talks about how he tried to act and feel the way he thought fathers were expected to function, but then how he fell into his own style of parenting.  He feels that fathers are in a transition right now, going from the more uninvolved fathers of the past, to the more active and engaging fathers of the present.

One of the best parts of Lewis’ book is the stories he weaves in about his strong-willed children.  At just three-years-old, his daughter was easily fending off bullies with her words while Lewis watched from a distance.  The book is a bit unique in the approach to fatherhood it presents, but it offers a genuine and fresh perspective for fathers to read about and compare with their own experiences.

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