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Client Testimonials

Alonzo CampilloAlonzo Campillo
14:58 20 Apr 23
I cannot thank them enough for all effort they put into my case. The team was always there for all the small thinks that happen in a Divorce. My stress level was lower because of them. Special thanks to Mary Bricker for always returning my calls and emails.
Marc LengMarc Leng
15:34 07 Apr 23
Had a very good experience. The attorney took their time to explain the process and answer my questions. They made me very comfortable that their firm would be best to represent my best interest. I would recommend them.
Andrew DavidAndrew David
23:04 13 Mar 23
You need them. Plain and simple.You never want to be in a position where hiring them is necessary. But if you are a father going through a divorce, or if you are dealing with custody issues- then you want Attorney Moses and the Mens Divorce Law firm on your side.I went through multiple attorneys before I found them. Wasted thousands of dollars and years to get nothing done.Hiring this firm was one of the best decisions I could make. They fought for me. They were on my side. They saw me as a human, a father, and someone worth fighting for. In the Family Court system that isn’t common for fathers, and you want someone like this on your side. Call them. It’s worth every penny
Wade TolliverWade Tolliver
14:02 11 Mar 23
Attorney Moses and her staff are hands down the best in Central Florida. They were attentive, responsive, professional, and always made sure I was quickly informed. My ex-wife’s attorney was very aggressive and liked to tie me up with lots of paperwork and use scare tactics, Attorney Moses and her team never backed down from their bullying campaign. She also saw me as a human and not just a client, she really took my feelings into consideration through a rough time and really fought for my best interests.
Chris ThroppChris Thropp
04:18 28 Sep 22
All I can offer is my heart felt gratitude to everyone at the Men's Divorce Law Firm. In the darkest period of my life, with their guidance, I was able to resurrect myself from the grasp of despair and find a future brimming with happiness and open to all possibilities.During our preparations, Attorney Moses listened to me and based the case around what she recognized as what was in my best interest. While there were no children involved, it was nonetheless an uphill battle as there was a very large income disparity between myself and my spouse.I my honest opinion, plain and simple, we won! I was able to keep the majority of the assets and now have a very minimal spousal support obligation. Why? Attorney Moses is why. She got to know me and of even more relevance, got to know my spouse and what made her tick. With that intel, she built our case and pushed it to it's ultimate fruition. She is truly a gifted attorney.At any time, when I had a question (and believe me, I had about a couple hundred questions) or needed any information regarding my case, I could simply send an email and receive a response in the near immediacy of my query. The entire team worked flawlessly together. (Mary, you are a superhero!) I truly felt like these amazing people were family. Honestly, they are all superheroes.Plain and simple, divorce stinks. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. However, I will be forever grateful to the Men's Divorce Law Firm for enabling me to have a positive outlook on my future and live as I wish, unfettered, as I begin the next chapter of my life.