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Navigating the complexities of family law can be particularly challenging, and we understand the unique struggles men face during custody disputes. Our dedicated Apopka men’s custody lawyers are committed to ensuring that your rights as a father are protected and that your voice is heard.

We offer compassionate and strategic legal support tailored specifically to men’s needs, and more importantly, to your needs. You can trust our team to stand by your side each step of the way and champion your role in your children’s lives. Our firm has been fighting for husbands and fathers around Central Florida for 20 years, so we understand the nuances of custody laws and are familiar with the family court circuit.

We know how to put you in the best possible position for achieving an outcome that prioritizes the best interests of your children. Call today to book a consultation and discover more about your options and the steps for moving forward successfully.

Apopka Men’s Custody Lawyers

Custody In Florida

The state of Florida is moving away from using the term “custody” and instead using the term “parental responsibility.” In recent years, great strides have been made toward equality between parents, and the precedent that has been established is that a child having both parents actively involved in their upbringing is what is in their best interests.

While this is great news (especially for fathers who have historically been viewed as less important than mothers), some forms of bias do still show up in family court, however implicit. Our compassionate Apopka men’s custody lawyers recognize the importance of involved fathers and are committed to making sure you play an active and meaningful role in the lives of your children.

Because of the precedent that has been established, courts tend to grant shared parental responsibility, in which both parents share decision-making responsibilities for major aspects of the child’s life. Some circumstances, however, might cause the court to grant one parent sole parental responsibility, if the child’s well-being is brought into question.

Even then, the other parent is still entitled to visitation with the child, unless otherwise deemed by a judge. A time-sharing schedule will be created to outline the time that the child will spend with each parent, no matter which type of custody arrangement is established.

Agreeing On A Custody Arrangement

You and your co-parent have the opportunity to agree on how parental responsibility will be shared and on your time-sharing schedule. You may still have an amicable relationship with them and be able to reach an agreement through your own efforts, and there’s no problem with that. If there are still some lingering disagreements, though, collaborative methods like mediation or negotiation can help you both reach a mutually-beneficial arrangement.

Our skilled Apopka men’s custody lawyers can then help you craft a document called a parenting plan, which outlines how the parental responsibility will be shared, as well as the teme-sharing schedule. The more detailed you can make your parenting plan, the more future conflict you can attempt to avoid. Some components of an effective plan include:

  • Custody arrangements
  • Visitation schedules
  • Communications guidelines
  • Decision-making authority
  • Transportation and exchanges
  • Financial responsibilities
  • Dispute resolution
  • Health and safety provisions
  • Education and extracurricular activities
  • Relocation provisions, and
  • Any other factors specific to the needs of your family.

Disagreeing On A Custody Arrangement

If neither of you can reach an agreement, or if one of you is fighting for sole parental responsibility, then your case is considered contested and will have to be litigated in court. Both parties will have the opportunity to present their evidence and arguments to a judge, who will then make the final decision.

Our Apopka men’s custody lawyers are effective litigators who are proficient in building compelling cases, so you can trust our team to give you the greatest chance at an outcome that promotes a safe and comfortable future for your children.

How Our Apopka Men’s Custody Lawyers Can Impact Your Experience

We know how emotionally challenging it can be to navigate custody as a man, in a society that is unfortunately known for giving mothers more privileges, and fathers less. It is a scientifically supported fact that children who have both parents in their life grow up to be more successful, emotionally-stable individuals.

By advocating for fathers’ rights and promoting shared parenting, our Apopka custody lawyers strive to create positive outcomes for both fathers and their children, fostering healthier family dynamics and brighter futures! Call today to book a consultation and learn more about how we can serve you.

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