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Are you in an Unhealthy Marriage?
Are you in an Unhealthy Marriage?

If you are struggling in your marriage and wondering if you should consider divorce, it may be time to assess whether you are in an unhealthy relationship. Below are a few warning signs that you may need couples counseling, or in severe cases, file for divorce:

  • She is addicted to drugs or alcohol. It is essential that you understand that you cannot fix her. If she is not willing to seek help, you have a difficult decision to make. Being in a relationship with an addict who refuses to seek help can be extremely detrimental to your life.
  • She is physically abusive to you and/or your children. If your spouse is hitting you or your children, it is time to get out and get help. In most cases, violence escalates and you must protect yourself and your children at all costs.
  • You can’t be yourself. If you constantly feel like you are walking on eggshells and you cannot be yourself around your spouse, you need help. Living in constant fear that your spouse will leave you if you show her your true self is no way to live.
  • Everyone who cares about you hates her. If your family and friends can’t stand your wife, take to ask them why. If there is truth in what they tell you, it is time to re-think your relationship.
  • Your wife embarrasses you. If you avoid taking your wife out in public because you are tired of making excuses for her, your relationship needs help or it needs to end.
  • She lies to you. If your wife is lying about small things, you can bet she is probably lying about big things too. Do you really know your wife or is everything a lie? It is difficult to stay in a marriage where there is no trust.
  • She is highly critical of you. If your wife takes extreme pleasure in cutting you down, it won’t be long before you loathe her.
  • You have no sex life. If you and your wife no longer have sex (and when you do it is miserable), there is a serious problem.
  • You are happier when you’re away from each other. If one of you has to travel for your job and you count the days until you are away from each other, your relationship is in real trouble.
  • She attempts to control you. If your wife is always trying to control you, it can be a form of abuse. This may include how you spend your money, the friends you can spend time with, how you dress, and a variety of other matters.

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