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If you’re in a position where you may or may not be the father of a child, you have many important decisions ahead of you. Legally speaking, accepting responsibility for a child is a big deal; emotionally, even more so, as well as financially. Whether or not you believe you are the child’s biological father and want to be in their life, or if you believe you are not the child’s father or should not have the duties a biological father does under the law, our men’s rights law firm can help you advocate for your rights.

We are passionate about standing up for our clients! Call our Orlando paternity lawyers at the Men’s Divorce Law Firm today to request a consultation to learn more about your options.

Establishing Paternity In Florida

Paternity in Florida is only automatically granted/assumed if a child is born to married parents. Otherwise, it must be legally established.

Unmarried parents can agree to sign a legal document that states who the father of the child is (this is not the birth certificate) and gives rights and responsibilities to the father. Generally, this is the quickest and easiest way for paternity to be formalized. If unmarried parents get married later on after the child is born, paternity can also be formalized that way.

If there is a dispute about the paternity of the child, genetic testing or a court order (or both) may be necessary. Our experienced Orlando paternity lawyers can explain how the laws work in a way you can easily understand and help you act in a way that will achieve your goals. We will assist you as you navigate what can be a complex process!

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Paternity

Many times it is advantageous to establish paternity, especially if you want to be in the child’s life in any meaningful way. It can give you and the child peace of mind, as well as the mother; it can provide clarity going forward about the relationship. For the child, it means that they will get a medical history, additional financial support, Social Security and medical benefits, and more. For you, it means that you will have a legal right to see the child and a level of legal authority over their life (as well as tax benefits and child support).

However, with paternity comes a level of legal commitment that not every man wants, especially if they do not believe they are the father of the child or weren’t aware of that fact until a mother requested financial support. Financially speaking, children are expensive, and you may not be prepared to make child support payments (or you may feel it is unjust to do so).

How Our Orlando Paternity Lawyers Can Help You

Because we have spent over 18 years representing husbands and fathers in Orlando and the surrounding areas, we are able to uniquely understand and empathize with either position you may find yourself in when it comes to paternity. Our team will ensure that your voice is heard and your point of view is valued. We will fight against any court bias, and we will do everything in our power to get the results you want that will lay the best future foundation for your life. 

Our Orlando paternity lawyers, led by Attorney Jean Moses, have been named the Best Divorce Lawyers in Winter Park 2021, in the Matrimonial & Family Law Top 30, in the National Trial Lawyers Top 100, in the National Advocates Top 100 Lawyers, in the Lawyers of Distinction 2020, and have received other awards and recognitions. You can trust our skill and reputation to give you an advantage! Call today to request a consultation. 

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