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Divorce isn’t easy, but trying to figure out divorce and custody when you have kids is much harder. When you’re a dad, it can be even more difficult to fight self-doubt and court bias in order to achieve a fair custody arrangement that a) allows you to be a significant part of your children’s lives and b) sets you up for future financial success and security. That’s because custody is complicated. It’s also highly emotional. You may find yourself fighting with your spouse, scared about what’s to come, doubting your abilities as a dad, lonely, angry, confused, frustrated, or experiencing any number of these emotions at the same time. It’s in your best interests to work with a lawyer who understands your unique perspective and who can guide you through the journey ahead.

If you live in Winter Park or the surrounding areas, our Winter Park men’s custody lawyers at the Men’s Divorce Law Firm are extremely qualified to represent you. We advocate primarily for husbands and fathers, and we have been championing the male point of view in family law situations for over 18 years! We can give you the clarity you need to set your emotions aside and choose wisely for yourself and your kids. Call today to request a consultation and learn what our attorneys can do to serve you.

How Custody Is Determined In Florida

In 2008, a new change in Florida law occurred that removed the words “custody”, “visitation”, “primary parent”, and “secondary parent” from the legal vocabulary. Now both mothers and fathers are simply referred to as “parents”. This change, while semantic, represents an important step forward towards equality for moms and dads when it comes to determining how time and responsibilities with their children will be split after a divorce. The new laws require that parents develop a detailed parenting plan that prioritizes the best interests of the child, but allows both parents to have a significant role in their child’s lives.

While creating a parenting plan can be difficult, this is an opportunity for you to deviate from the norm of the “every other weekend” father. Our Winter Park men’s custody lawyers can help you understand specifically what the parenting plan needs to include, as well as what you can do if your spouse refuses to cooperate or if the courts are acting unfairly towards you.

Common Challenges Fathers Face In Custody Cases

Uncertainty – One of the greatest obstacles to proceeding confidently through your custody case is not knowing what to expect or what decisions you should be making. At Men’s Divorce Law Firm, we will take the time to explain all of your options and discuss how the process will unfold with you. We’ll communicate with you often so you don’t ever feel in the dark when you work with us!

Lack of support – Unlike women, who often have many friends and a large network of social support systems to help them through (and help them after) custody, men may find themselves “on their own”, without people to confide in or without people to assist them with taking care of their kids, etc. Our Winter Park men’s custody lawyers can be a resource for you, and can also connect you to other helpful resources that can make you and your children’s lives better!

Bias – Even though great strides have been made when it comes to how fathers are treated by the family court system, unconscious and implicit bias still exists. Fathers may be perceived as less warm, less caring, less capable of taking care of young children, more committed to their careers, and so on; any of these ideas, in a contested situation, can lead to the court ruling in favor of the mother even if it’s not completely fair and everything else is equal! Our firm knows how to spot and combat this bias so that you can stay a meaningful part of your children’s lives.

The Experienced Winter Park Men’s Custody Lawyers Are Here For You!

Navigating custody? Make sure you have sound legal counsel on your side. Call Men’s Divorce Law Firm to request a consultation today! Our lead attorney, Jean Moses, can provide aggressive representation.

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