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Women always know when they’re moms, but for dads, this identity may not be as clear! Depending on the circumstances, you may find yourself in a position of having to prove that you are or are not the father. Paternity cases can get extremely complicated, even if you and the child’s mother are on amicable terms; that’s why it is so important to work with knowledgeable Winter Park paternity lawyers who can explain your options and help you achieve your desired outcome!

At Men’s Divorce Law Firm, we’ve been advocating for the male point of view in family law situations for over 18 years. You can rely on our experience to give you an advantage and keep the process as fair as possible. Call today to request a consultation and learn more about your next steps!

3 Ways Paternity Can Be Established In Florida

If a child is born to married parents, that child is automatically assumed (legally, anyway) to be the legal child of both of those parents. Paternity doesn’t have to be established because it is already granted by the conditions in which the child was born In the state of Florida, there are three primary ways that paternity can be made official if a child is not born to married parents.

  • The first option is for unmarried parents to get married after the child is born and go through the right steps to formalize paternity after the wedding.
  • The second option is for unmarried parents to sign a legal document (not the birth certificate) that states who the father is. Note that this is the quickest, easiest, simplest way for paternity to be finalized.
  • The third option, which generally comes into play if paternity is disputed, is for a court to order genetic testing and prove paternity.

Depending on your circumstances, our Winter Park paternity lawyers can explain which path to paternity may be ideal for you to pursue!

Benefits Of Establishing Paternity For Dads

If you want to be legally recognized as the child’s father, taking the necessary actions to make that happen can have positive, significant effects on both you and the child’s life. It can give everyone involved more clarity and peace of mind. You’ll get parental rights, meaning you can see the child and help make decisions about their upbringing. You may get financial and tax benefits. The child will get a complete medical history, Social Security and medical benefits, and additional financial support from you. Children with engaged fathers in their lives are less likely to face criminal charges, more likely to maintain healthy relationships, and more likely to have better jobs. For you, you get all of the added psychological benefits of being a parent, including the joy and deep fulfillment that comes hand in hand with the title!

Drawbacks Of Establishing Paternity 

However, sometimes there are situations where men do not want to be identified as the father – either because they do not believe the child is theirs and don’t want to be emotionally/financially responsible for their welfare, or because they weren’t aware they were the father until the mother requested financial support, or because they don’t believe that they should have to take on parental responsibilities even if they are the biological dad. This is all understandable. Children are expensive, and not everyone is prepared to take on the role of a father!

Our Winter Park Paternity Lawyers Are Here To Help!

Whether you are trying to obtain parental rights or are fighting the establishment of paternity, we can help you. Our firm’s managing attorney, Jean Moses, will listen to you and communicate with you in a way that empowers you. She and her team will go above and beyond to reach a resolution that sets you up for future success, whatever that looks like for your life. Call today to request a consultation!

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