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As a firm that primarily serves to advocate for the male perspective in the family court system, we see fathers being prevented from becoming an active member of their child’s life far too often. Whether they recently went through a contentious divorce with the child’s mother who is now intent on standing in the way of the relationship, their child’s mother is attempting to deny their paternity, or something else, a child is rarely ever better off without their father in their life. 

The Men’s Divorce Law Firm is committed to doing our part to ensure that loving, caring fathers are able to build a relationship with their children and play a part in their upbringing. We utilize our knowledge of the law to the fullest extent to defend your right to your child. We have decades of experience under our belt and have a track record of achieving success for our clients by employing proven strategies. If you’re feeling hopeless or like you don’t know where to turn, contact our attentive Azalea Park father’s rights lawyers today to learn more about how we can serve you. 

Azalea Park Father’s Rights Lawyers

When You Might Need A Father’s Rights Lawyer

There are a variety of legal issues that may warrant your need for a father’s rights lawyer, such as divorce, custody/visitation, or paternity. When parents feel that their time or relationship with their children is being threatened, it’s easy for tensions to rise quickly, and before you know it, your legal matter has turned into a brutal court battle. We always try to avoid this escalation by suggesting cooperative strategies such as mediation and collaboration, although we know this isn’t always an option. 

If your case becomes heated and ultimately must go to court, you can rely on our aggressive Azalea Park father’s rights lawyers to skillfully litigate on your behalf. We never back down from a challenge, and we are passionate about ensuring your voice is heard loud and clear by a judge.

Why We Fight For The Rights Of Fathers

Scientific research proves that a child who grows up with an active father in their life is altogether more successful than one who does not. Data shows that fatherless children are:

  • At a 4x greater risk of poverty
  • More likely to have behavioral problems
  • More likely to go to prison
  • More likely to commit crime
  • 7x more likely to become pregnant as a teen
  • More likely to face abuse and neglect
  • More likely to abuse drugs and alcohol
  • 2x more likely to drop out of school
  • And more.

Additionally, it is not right for any person to abuse their parental rights to their child in an attempt to sabotage the other parent’s rights. Unfortunately, the family court system has a history of favoring mothers over fathers, which led to a heartbreaking number of fathers being legally prevented from seeing their children, not having their opinion considered when making decisions that affect their upbringing, and not being able to form a supportive relationship with them. While there has been an immense amount of progress made toward equality in the family courts, our dedicated Azalea Park father’s rights lawyers will continue to promote and champion the legal rights of fathers in Florida.  

Our Azalea Park Father’s Rights Lawyers Fight For You To Be A Part Of Your Child’s Life

The Men’s Divorce Law Firm is here to listen to your story and develop a solution tailored to your individual circumstances, giving you the best chance at achieving a favorable outcome. We promise each client an exceptional level of professionalism and service, and will provide transparency in all matters related to your case. Call today to schedule your initial consultation and let us begin working toward resolving your legal dilemma, no matter how complex.

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