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Anatomy Of A (Celebrity) Divorce: Jolie-Pitt Part 5: Divorce Cases & Privacy

*Divorce documents sealed At the end of 2016, Jolie and Pitt agreed to seal documents in their divorce and custody case. Angelina Jolie blamed Pitt for any and all damage experienced by their children resulting from the divorce. She contended that Pitt wants documents sealed because the public will discover his flawed parenting and abuse...
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Anatomy Of A (Celebrity) Divorce: Jolie-Pitt Part 4: The Rocky Road To Resolving Child Custody

At the time of the filing of Jolie’s petition for divorce, It seemed the investigation by the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) into Brad Pitt’s alleged encounter with son, Malcolm, was on the verge of being closed as rumors of an FBI investigation being initiated surrounded the incident. Instead, the DCFS...
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Anatomy Of A (Celebrity) Divorce: Jolie-Pitt Part 2 Temporary Custody Arrangement

Divorce cases are dynamic processes that may continually change over time. Although Jolie originally did not request that Pitt pays her spousal or child support, the parties nonetheless commenced discussions of the following issues: Custody and visitation Temporary support for Angelina and the kids Permanent financial support Division of property In any divorce case, spouses...
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Anatomy Of A (Celebrity) Divorce: Jolie-Pitt Part 3: Their Pre-Nuptial Agreement Clearly Settles Their Financial Issues

While the custody and visitation issues present the opportunity for contention and discord, the property rights of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt should be resolved amicably. Why? Reliable sources report that their prenuptial agreement is unequivocal as to the details of the division of their combined fortune of a reported $400 million. Thus, there should...
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Prince’s Divorce Records Unsealed

In January of 2017, records from the Prince’s divorce from Manuela Testolini were unsealed pursuant to court order. The Minneapolis Star Tribune petitioned the court to unseal the files despite Testolini’s objection. Her attorney did not immediately respond to requests from The Associated Press for comment although reportedly she claimed that the disclosure would put her...
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Jules Wainstein Says She’s Facing Eviction While Divorce Is Pending

Real Housewives of New York star, Jules Wainstein, claims she and her minor children are facing eviction from their Gramercy Park townhouse while her estranged husband, Michael, has been living an extravagant lifestyle, vacationing in Florida, hosting “Shabbat parties” and taking flying lessons. Wainstein alleges that Michael Wainstein owes her $20,000 in child support, $33,900 for their...
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