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Bobby Flay’s Divorce Heats Up
Bobby Flay’s Divorce Heats Up

Bobby Flay and Stephanie March’s divorce is getting even uglier. March’s efforts to overturn the couple’s prenuptial agreement have led to the airing of their dirty laundry for all to see.

According to TMZ, Flay purchased a racehorse for the Law & Order actress in 2009 as a gift to celebrate their fourth wedding anniversary. However, the celebrity chef allegedly held on to the horse “Dad’s Crazy” prize money. In fact, March claims that Flay kept nearly $130,000 in winnings as well as an additional $60,000 when he sold the horse. Flay allegedly admits that the horse was registered in March’s name, but he denies that he kept the winnings.

Although Flay’s initial divorce filings claim that the marriage was “irretrievably broken,” it has descended into hostility and bitterness as the couple fights over money. Flay has continued to deny rumors that the cause of the divorce was his alleged affair with Elyse Tirrel, Flay’s 28-year old assistant.

Flay and March’s prenuptial agreement provides that March is entitled to $5000 per month in alimony. However, March claims this amount is insufficient, especially since she has had to decrease the amount she works due to ill health. March has been unable to take acting jobs due to a burst appendix and three infections. TMZ reports that Flay alleges March’s health conditions were caused by her breast augmentation surgery.

Finally, March is alleging that Flay owes his success to her. When the couple first met, March was the bigger star. She has appeared in 96 episodes of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit as Assistant District Attorney Alexandra Cabot. Flay allegedly relied on March to test out his recipes and she assisted him with his NYC restaurant, Bar American. It’s also claimed March persuaded Flay to include tapas on the menu at his restaurant Bolo, which earned three stars from the New York Times. Flay is now worth an estimated $20 million.

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