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Celebrities’ Announcements of Divorce
Celebrities’ Announcements of Divorce

Most couples who have decided to divorce are primarily concerned with how to break the news to their children. For celebrities, the more difficult task is often how to tell their adoring fans of the split.

There are numerous factors that should be considered such as who breaks the news of the divorce? Is a joint statement best? Can you honestly claim the split is amicable?

According to an article written by Kiki Von Glinow for the Huffington Post, a divorce statement for celebrities often includes the following:

  • Put on a good face for the fans. In other words, even if the couple has to pretend, they want to appear to be parting as friends and wishing the best for each other. This factor is important even if behind the scenes the couple is having a heated battle over custody, alimony or the division of assets.
  • We lasted “x” number of years, so we should consider that an accomplishment.
  • Celebrity couples always politely request that they be given privacy, even though they know this is a futile request. The paparazzi will be clamoring to get pictures and statements as soon as possible.

As you might have guessed from the above, my celebrity announcements of divorce are short. In fact, what is not included in the statement is just as important as what is actually said. For examples of the divorce announcements by many famous couples, please click here.

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