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Charlie Sheen’s Recent Parenting Plan and Latest News
Charlie Sheen’s Recent Parenting Plan and Latest News

The Court has ordered a strict visitation schedule between Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller. Frequent drug and alcohol tests are required of both parents.

Charlie Sheen and ex-wife Brooke Mueller have come to terms in their custody dispute over Bob and Max, their 2-year-old twin sons, with a strict, step-by-step plan.  Click here to read the full article by Us Magazine.

Court documents recently filed in Los Angeles Superior Court (unearthed by TMZ) detail how the former couple — Sheen assaulted her on Christmas Day in 2009, and they’ve both battled drug and alcohol addictions — will share their little boys.

For the first two months, Sheen, 45, gets the boys every other weekend from Saturday morning until Sunday evening. In the next two months after that, Sheen will have his boys every other weekend from Saturday morning through Monday morning. After that? As long as Sheen Mueller stay drug-and-alcohol free, the former Two and a Half Men star gets the twins every other weekend Saturday through Monday morning, plus Wednesday morning through Thursday morning.

Both Sheen and Mueller must submit to random drug testing three times monthly. Both mom and dad are required to have nannies with them at all time in the presence of their kids.

Charlie’s famous “goddesses” are even included in the terms: They’re not allowed to show any public displays of affection toward the twins. In addition, neither Sheen nor Mueller are allowed to be photographed with the boys while with a romantic partner.

Can’t get enough of the latest Charlie Sheen news?

Charlie Sheen – the highest-paid television actor before being fired from the CBS hit show, Two and a Half Men– has been blasted all over the news due to his bizarre spree of outrageous television interviews, nonsensical webcasts and threatening tweets.

Charlie’s twitter account, opened March 1st, has amassed over 2.3 million followers.  Sign up today and you will be treated to messages such as:

  • “101 and on the black. 50 cops in my home. they all left. I’m still here. WINNING? 24/7 c”
  • “the global inferno that is me, is now as molten and focused as my afterburners.”
  • “Torpedo away… You corporate Trolls were warned. And now you’ve been served! c”

Alec Baldwin had some advice and a warning for fellow actor Charlie Sheen. In a column for The Huffington Post March 13, 2011, Baldwin — like Sheen a star who has faced a bit of controversy — told Sheen, “You can’t win. You can’t.” Sheen, he said, should “Take a nap. Get a shower. Call Chuck [Lorre, the show producer]. Go on Letterman and make an apology. Write a huge check to the B’Nai Brith. And then beg for your job back. Your fans demand it.”  Visit ABC News for full article and pictures.

The lastest news to hit the press is Sheen’s recent tour of insanity — officially known as “My Violent Torpedo of Truth/ Defeat Is Not an Option Tour” —  not going so well at their first stop in Detroit.

As Entertainment Weekly reported, the show began with “a crowd that greeted the actor with an adoring standing ovation and concluded with booing and walk-outs. The padded and disjointed show was a hodgepodge of video clips and Sheen-isms that felt hastily assembled and misjudged the patience of even the hardest of hardcore fans.”

Celebrities know how to make a presence and cause a stir inside the courtroom, as well as outside.  Click here to view the top 11 Celebrity Family Feuds.

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