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Dana Stubblefield is Getting Divorced
Dana Stubblefield is Getting Divorced

Dana Stubblefield, who was a defensive lineman for the San Francisco 49ers, is getting divorced after almost 7 years of marriage. His wife, Terri Stubblefield, has filed the divorce paperwork with the court citing “irreconcilable differences, but the Dana’s sexual encounter with a babysitter most likely played a significant factor.

Dana has been accused of raping a woman who interviewed with him for a job as a babysitter. It has been reported that she left his home after 20 minutes, but then returned when he texted her saying that he would pay her for her time. He allegedly raped her and then paid her $80. The woman immediately reported the crime to the police.

Dana claims the encounter was consensual and that the woman is making the claims only to obtain more money. Stubblefield’s attorneys stated that the accuser texted Dana 18 times the day they had sex and four additional times in the days following their encounter. On 10 of those occasions, she asked Dana for money.

“This is nothing but a money grab, and an attempt to get money and take advantage of his celebrity status,” Rosenfield said on Tuesday, via NBC Bay Area.

As for Terri Stubblefield, she is asking the divorce court to award full legal and physical custody of their children to her, with Dana getting visitation rights. The couple has a one-year old and a 4-year old. Terri is also seeking an alimony award.

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