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Do I Have a Case? | Orlando Men’s Divorce Attorney
Do I Have a Case? | Orlando Men’s Divorce Attorney

I Want To Know if I Have a Case

How can I speak to a divorce attorney at your firm?

Our Orlando divorce attorneys are experienced and knowledgeable. After speaking with you about your situation, we will be able to determine whether you have a case that we can help you with. This all starts when you contact us — either through our website, or with a phone call. We will get back to you, discuss your case, and, if necessary, set you up with a consultation at our offices with one of our attorneys.

A Voice For Men’s Divorce In Orlando

The Men’s Divorce Law Firm works to defend the rights of husbands and fathers. We are professional, dedicated, and knowledgeable. Call us today, to speak to one of our attorneys, and set up your consultation.

Jeffrey Feulner: “There’s no cost for a pre-screening. Anybody who calls the office or contacts the office through the website, through email, we respond back either by phone or by email, depending on the preference of the individual client. We’ll get that background information and make sure that there’s something that we can help you with first at no charge.”