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Does Society Recognize Men and Women as Equal Parents?
Does Society Recognize Men and Women as Equal Parents?

As time presses forward, millions of Fathers each day are rewriting and redefining the role of what it means to be a Father in today’s society.

In the past, Fathers were considered to be the primary breadwinners; the parent who was often absent due to work and not involved in the everyday details of their children’s lives.  “The Evolution of Dad” film reflects on this past idea of, “society perpetuating that the distant, productive, bring home the bacon father is the only way to really love your children.”  Nowadays, children also turn to Fathers to bandage their scrapes, cook their meals, read them bedtime stories and offer hugs and kisses when they’re feeling down.

Dana H. Glaster is a stay-at-home dad who cares for his two sons while his wife, Deborah, goes to work each day.  While going against the expectations of society and what a father should be, Dana expresses to the New York Times that he “felt like a failure, and I felt alone, and yes, I’ll admit it, I often felt like less than a man.”   Dana grabbed hold of the opportunity to enlighten and make the world aware of the changing roles of fathers in his documentary, “The Evolution of Dad.”

In “The Evolution of Dad,” Glaster outlines a cornucopia of different situations wherein the father/child relationship challenges older stereotypes and shares why being a father in today’s world is so wonderfully unique.

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