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Don’t be the Victim of a Scam – Demand a Paternity Test
Don’t be the Victim of a Scam – Demand a Paternity Test

You have probably heard of financial scams against the elderly and con artists from overseas, but a scam you may not be as familiar with is demonstrated by the following story from Iowa:

Johna Loreen Vandemore collected in excess of $100,000 over a six year period from a man she met on an online dating website in 2007. The couple met a few times in person. After several months of dating, Vandemore told her victim that she was pregnant with his child. She provided him with a fake birth certificate and persuaded him to pay her $1,000 per month for child support. Vandemore pled guilty to federal charges, including a federal mail fraud charge, and she awaits sentencing.

To prevent this type of scam from occurring, it is important to request a paternity test. To learn more about how paternity can be established, please read our blog titled “How to Establish Paternity.” In cases where you question the validity of the claim that you are the father of the child, paternity can be established by genetic testing.

Genetic testing typically involves a DNA test. Because DNA is present in every cell of your body, the test usually does not involve the use of needles or blood to perform the test. The most common method used for DNA testing is swabbing the inside of your cheek and the inside of the child’s cheek. A laboratory will compare the results and determine if you are the biological father. By obtaining a DNA test, you will be able to confirm not only that you are not the victim of the scam, but have conclusive evidence that you are (or are not) the father of the child.

Establishing paternity provides rights and benefits to you, the mother and the child. Paternity offers you legal rights to obtain visitation or child custody rights. It also allows you to have a say in the legal decisions regarding the child.

Paternity must be established before child custody, visitation, or child support matters can be decided. For help in establishing paternity or fighting an erroneous allegation of paternity, call The Men’s Divorce Law Firm to schedule an appointment.