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Email Snooping During Divorce Leads to Felony Charges
Email Snooping During Divorce Leads to Felony Charges

Paranoia, stress, vengeance can cloud people’s judgement and push them down a dangerous course of action.  One Michigan man was unable to resist snooping through his wife’s e-mails which may now lead to felony charges against him.

Michigan media outlets recently reported on a Rochester Hills couple’s attempts to read each other’s private emails and text messages. After Oakland County prosecutors investigated allegations that the husband had accessed his wife’s email account to see if she was cheating on him, he was charged with a felony under Michigan’s computer hacking statute.

The charge was dropped when evidence emerged in the couple’s divorce that the wife admitted to reading text messages on the husband’s smart phone while they were still married. Prosecutors stated, however, that they would proceed with a separate felony charge involving allegations that the husband attempted to hack into a state law enforcement database to learn if similar charges of email snooping against a spouse had ever been pursued. [source]

Most spouses only consider the civil ramifications of a divorce such as custody, alimony, and the division of assets.  But it is important to remember that during a time where every involved party is living under a microscope that momentary lapses in judgement can have severe long-term consequences.

If your divorce is reaching a point where you no longer feel comfortable doing it alone consider the guiding hand of an attorney.  Sound legal advice can put you at ease and give you security as you progress through each step.  When you feel secure, you’re less likely to make mistakes that can hurt your future.  Contact the Men’s Divorce Law Firm today to schedule a consultation to have Attorney Feulner review your case.