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Father and Son Reunite After 27 Years Through Facebook
Father and Son Reunite After 27 Years Through Facebook

When Andy Spiers-Corbett, a 39-year-old from Great Britain, typed in his father’s name on Facebook, he had no idea how it would change his life.  When Andy was 2, his parents divorced and his father, Graham Corbett, left because he was in the British Military Police.  Andy would not stop crying when Graham returned his son to his mother after painfully short visits.  “It broke my heart and upset him so much, I decided I couldn’t see him anymore. It was one of the worst decisions I ever made,” Graham explained.

The Corbetts never lived more than a half hour away from each other in England, but attempts to find each other always seemed to fail until Andy used an unlikely source, Facebook.  He typed his father’s name in and looked through the photos of the 15 Graham Corbetts listed.  He recognized his father instantly, sent him a message, and anxiously waited for the response that came 2 days later.

Graham Corbett sent back two words: “Hello son.”

Since they have found each other, the pair has been making up for lost time.  Andy introduced Graham to his 11-year-old grandson, and Graham introduced Andy to his three half-siblings, a sister and two brothers.

Andy summed up the reunion with a positive outlook: “There’s been a big part missing for so long but now everything is all right. It’s such a wonderful feeling. The internet is an amazing invention.”

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