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Fatherhood 101
Fatherhood 101

A new independent documentary is being filmed in Ohio featuring the experience of local fathers in the area.

The film is being shot in Cleveland about the importance of fatherhood and programs offered through the Cuyahoga County Fatherhood Initiative.

The documentary, “Fatherhood 101,” will be taped periodically in Northeast Ohio for the next seven months and will profile six fathers and their experiences in parenting.

Los Angeles film company Greenhouse Studios and Northeast Ohio production group Cinema 2:16 also will include testimonials in the documentary from other dads who have gone through divorces, are single parents, have lost their jobs due to the economy or have been absent from their children’s lives because of incarceration or custody issues.

Marquette Williams, the film’s Los Angeles-based director and a graduate of Twinsburg High School, said he wanted to direct a project that celebrates fatherhood and informs other men about resources available if they need help. He said he hopes to complete the project by 2013 and hold a premiere on Father’s Day next year in Cleveland.

“As men, we come to be defined by the money in our pocket, not because of the time we put in with our kids,” said Williams, a father of three. “I want to show the positive side of fatherhood and also some of the challenges men face.”

Even if you are not in the Cleveland, Ohio, area to monopolize on the programs featured in the documentary the message behind the film can still resonate with fathers everywhere.  An unofficial trailer has been edited to help convey the message of the film.