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Fit2Father Pledge
Fit2Father Pledge

We’ve discussed on multiple occasions before the importance of eating with your children and being a good role-model in their food choices.  However, food is not the only contributing factor leading to higher rates of obesity in children.  More and more children are living sedentary lives.  To combat this the National Fatherhood Initiative has created the Fit2Father Pledge to get more fathers and children active together.

Alex Kendrick from the new movie Courageous talks about the initiative:

Getting involved is simple, register with your name and e-mail and the National Fatherhood Initiative will send you six weeks of tips and ideas to help keep your family active and healthy  The program focuses on condition, nutrition and connection, helping dads each week with a Warm-up, practice, and a “Get in the Game” activity to do with their families.

If you are in or around the DC area, or would like to help out the initiative, you can register for the walk in Washington DC on October 16th.  If you cannot make the DC walk you can sign up to host a walk in your local community.

Orlando lawyer Jeffrey Feulner and the Men’s Divorce Law Firm realize the importance of being active and see it as an opportunity for parents to spend valuable time with their children.