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Five Facebook Follies to Avoid
Five Facebook Follies to Avoid

In partnership with CNN, TIME.COM recently ran an article entitled, “Five Facebook No-Nos for Divorcing Couples.”

The article outlined the following five main transgressions:

  • Showing Off: Pictures or discussions of new purchases or vacations are fun, but they might color the court’s view of your finances and affect your settlement.
  • Letting It All Hang Out: If you’re in a custody battle, your ex’s lawyers would love to present you as the nonnurturing type. Delete all the crazy party photos.
  • Getting Tagged:  It’s not just your page you have to worry about. Make sure your friends’ photos of you can’t be used against you either.
  • Venting:  Don’t talk smack about the lawyers, the judge and especially your spouse — on your page or any other page. (You think your kids never use a computer?)
  • Cutting Off Everyone at Once:  Don’t ‘defriend’ in-laws or your ex’s friends right away. People need time to adjust. Unless it’s really high-conflict. Then go for it.”

From these aforementioned “no-nos,” it can be deduced that those involved in a divorce should think twice before posting wall posts, photos, and status updates.

  • The cost of being ostentatious: No matter how fun your weekend getaway was to New York,  be wary of what you post on Facebook. Such comments can affect the court’s view of your finances and affect your settlement.
  • The no-no photos: Just as Casey Anthony’s party photos were used to label her as a non-nurturing type, photos showing you at bars or under the influence can be used against you in a custody battle. So whether photos are uploaded by you or your friends, be mindful of what they depict.
  • Depersonalize the status updates: As frustrated as you may be with your ex, don’t use Facebook as your diary. Material published on the Internet is widely accessible and may be used against you in future hearings.

So what should you remember regarding the combination of social media and divorce? The result is like oil and water: they simply don’t mix.

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