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Fun in the Sun
Fun in the Sun

Get outside and enjoy the warm weather with these fun activities.

Learn a new sport. Choose a new sport for your and your children to tackle together – golf, tennis, football – whatever sparks your interest. If your child is already on a sports team or is about to join, work on his/her sklls: teach your child how to pass a soccer ball, dribble a basketball, or catch a baseball and have fun running the drills outside.

Take a hike! Find a local trail and take the whole family out. Or, turn it into a family camping trip. Hikes and camp outs are great opportunities to teach your kids fun skills – how to use a compass, how to identify animal tracks, or how to start a campfire. Can’t go far from home? Camp out in your backyard!

Visit a local monument or national park. You’d be surprised at what’s in your backyard. A local national park is perfect for a picnic or a hike, and many of them hold special festivals, tours, and events – for free or low cost.

Get wet. Visit your local community pool with your kids, but don’t just sit on the sidelines as they have fun. Race your kids from one side of the pool to another, or initiate a game of tag or Marco Polo. Gather a group and have a cannonball contest.

If you want something more outdoorsy, try kayaking or canoeing at the nearest lake. This is perfect for older kids, and shows them the value of teamwork and cooperation.

Be the student. Have your child teach you their favorite activity – skateboarding, jump roping, kickball – the possibilities are endless. Swallow your pride and laugh along with your kids as you fumble at double dutch jumprope.

Now that the weather is warm and summer is approaching, don’t just sit around watching movies! Get active and get outside with your family! Don’t forget the sunscreen!

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