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Gabriel Aubry in Custody Battle with Halle Berry
Gabriel Aubry in Custody Battle with Halle Berry

Gabriel Aubry, Halle Berry’s ex-boyfriend has been locked in a bitter custody battle of their three-year-old daughter Nahla.  The current custody agreement only allows for Aubry to have time with his daughter so long as it is supervised by a Nanny.

Aubry recently approached a judge asking the current custody arrangement to be amended, as he feels never having time alone with his daughter is ruining his relationship with her.  Berry opposed and it went to court again.  However, the judge upheld the original agreement, meaning the visits would continue to be supervised.

The visitation arrangement currently insists that the bulk of his time with his three-year-old daughter be supervised by a third party.  Aubry is allowed three hours alone time with Nahla, where he can take her to the park or carry out an activity, but the order remains that the nanny must be present at all other times, especially during overnight stays.

While the reasons behind why the courts feel the custody arrangement must stay the same are unclear part of them could be due to the allegation of racial slurs Berry recently made against Aubry.   She declared to Ebony Magazine that she believes in “one drop” theory of race.  With Halle Berry claiming Gabriel Aubry used the N-word with her and declared their daughter Nahla is white.

Orlando Divorce Lawyer Jeffrey Feulner and the Men’s Divorce Law Firm, believing in the importance of a father’s active presence in a child’s life, encourage Aubry to continue his course to be granted more time, and unsupervised time, with his daughter.