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Helping Your Child Deal with Bullying
Helping Your Child Deal with Bullying

Dads, you are often the last to know that your child is the victim of bullying. Children often do not share that they are being bullied with their parents due to shame and embarrassment.

So it is very important that you ask your child open-ended questions about their day frequently and provide them with helpful advice once you have discovered that he/she is being bullied.

The following are tips to help your child handle school bullying.

  • Do not instruct your child to fight back. Contact your child’s school and learn about the school policy and how to access available resources.
  • Talk with your child about meeting new friends that are supportive and who have common interests. Teaching your child appropriate social skills that build self-esteem will make them less likely targets.
  • Encourage your child to speak with an adult at the school. Teachers, principles, or guidance counselors are available to help them stop the bullying.
  • Ask your child if he or she has ideas about how they will address the bullying. Dads, you can role play with your children in order to help them feel comfortable and confident in their approach.
  • Finally, it is important for you to explain to your child that sometimes all that is necessary is avoidance. Bullies may give up if they don’t get attention.

Dads, it is important to consider that all instances of bullying are meaningful to your child. Remember that the goal is to support your child’s overall well-being. Want more advice? Check out NFI President Roland Warren’s thoughts on how to deal with a bully.

Best wishes for a bully-free school year!

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