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Helping Your Child with Homework
Helping Your Child with Homework

Helping your child with homework can have a positive impact on your child’s learning! It can also enhance your relationship with the school and your involvement shows your child how important it is that they do well in school.

With the below tips, you can ensure that you are effectively helping your child and complimenting what he is learning in school.

The Right Place:
Be sure your child has a quiet, well-lit place to do homework away from the distractions of television or other noisy activities.

The Right Tools:
Be sure your child has paper, pencils, and any other materials needed to complete the homework assignments.

The Right Attitude:
Be positive and encouraging about homework, and be positive about the value of hard work and doing well in school – it will help shape your child’s future!

The Right Plan:
Help your child be proactive in planning to do homework. This includes the child having a role in setting aside a specific time each day for homework–ideally as soon as is reasonably possible after coming home from school.

The Right Approach:
Cooperate with our child’s teacher. When the teacher gives directions for homework, follow those directions.

– When your child asks for help, provide guidance regarding how to achieve the required result–don’t give away the actual answers or complete the task for yourself.

– Homework can be a great way for children to learn to develop independence and lifelong learning skills. If the homework assignment is meant to be done by your child alone, respect the teacher’s instruction and “stay away.”

– Be proactive in communicating with your child’s teacher about how your child is handling homework assignments.

The right rewards: Recognize your child’s homework-related progress and encourage your child in specific ways (e.g., small gifts, treats, stickers, “stars” on a chart, a favorite activity) to reward and reinforce the positive effort.

With just a little time and effort, you can make sure your children conquer their homework!

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