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Helping Your Kids Make Mother’s Day Memorable
Helping Your Kids Make Mother’s Day Memorable

Mother’s Day is a special time of year that children can show their appreciation for the support and care their mother has provided over the years.  It is important that fathers, even if they no longer have a close relationship with the mother, help children make this day memorable for the family.

Fathers should start by asking their children what they would like to do for their mothers on this holiday, and then plan out how they can help. If the kids are younger, fathers can help them make homemade cards, cookies, or other assorted arts and craft projects.  If the kids are older, fathers can instead offer to take them to a store to purchase cards and gifts, and possibly help sponsor a purchase if it is slightly out of the child’s price range.

It is also important for fathers to recognize stepmothers during this holiday by encouraging small gestures from their children to show respect and appreciation.  Stepmother gifts do not have to be over the top; a simple card or small bouquet will do.

The most important thing fathers should remember this week is to put their kids first.  Mother’s Day is just as much about the children as it is the mother, so it is a good time for fathers to put their differences aside and help kids follow through with any special plan they put together.  Don’t forget that Father’s Day is just around the corner, and this appreciation will soon be returned!

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