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How a Father Can Balance Work and Family
How a Father Can Balance Work and Family

The working father can often be forced to make difficult decisions when it comes to their career and their home life. This can become especially difficult if he is a single father, or is going through a divorce, and has to balance the time between his children and getting that last project completed.

For some fathers, when they get home they are home, end of story. No working after hours. For others, their career does not permit them to do so and they are forced to take a phone call or answer an email while their son is playing soccer.

So how can a father balance both without hurting his children’s feelings or letting down the boss?

To hear how some fathers are handling this issue, read the article, “Suited for fatherhood: Many choices face dads balancing family and work,” by Kristi Elliot of the Orlando Sentinel, or click the following link to read the full article, located on pages 30 and 31:

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