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How to Make Labor Day Memorable for Your Kids
How to Make Labor Day Memorable for Your Kids

Happy Labor Day! It’s the first official holiday weekend of the school year, and your kids are ready to celebrate. Not sure how to transform a regular ho-hum weekend into three days of family fun and bonding? Check out our ideas below for a Labor Day holiday weekend your kids will never forget.

  • Go camping. So maybe you’re not the outdoors type, or perhaps you don’t have the time and resources to plan an elaborate camping trip. Don’t let that stop you! Gather a few lawn chairs around a fire pit in your backyard and make your own camping grounds. As you sit around the fire and swap scary stories, your kids will be bubbling over with excitement. Also, don’t forget the camping essentials: marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate bars!
  • Plan a daddy-daughter date. Treat your princess like royalty as you sweep her away for a night of fun. Great destinations include her favorite restaurant and the local movie theatre. The more time you spend with her, the more comfortable she will feel opening up to you. Plus, you will provide the perfect example of how all her future suitors should treat her—like a princess.
  • Go to the zoo. There is nothing a kid loves more than seeing their favorite animal up close. Whether your child prefers the goats at the petting zoo or the elephants in the park, splurge on a day of fun and learning. Give your child the chance to see the fuzzy, furry, and slimy creatures of their story books in real life, and you will create a day that turns into a life-long memory.
  • Take your kids out to the ball park. To children, playing “catch” implies much more than simply tossing a ball. Playing sports with your kids is a way to make them feel your love and commitment.  Not only does it give them the chance to show off their awesome athletic skills, but it also provides the opportunity for you to give them positive support. A simple “Nice catch!” or “That was impressive!” comment of praise will make your child’s face glow.

Remember, no matter what activity you choose to participate in this Labor Day weekend, the important thing is that you are spending time with your kids. Happy Labor Day!