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Important Divorce Tips from Divorcees
Important Divorce Tips from Divorcees

According to, divorcees give some great tips for others who are considering ending their marriage. Whether it is emotional or financial matters, the following tips are things they wish they had known before they filed for divorce:

  • Always put your children first.
  • If you have children, you will always have a relationship with your ex-spouse. Of course, your relationship with her will be very different. Many couples go from being best friends to enemies in a matter of hours. You no longer have to listen to what she says or find solutions to problems she is facing.
  • You should not expect your spouse to act fairly or logically. Some divorcees move onto their new life and want to leave the obligations of their life with you behind.
  • Divorce is costly in many ways. Not only is it expensive financially, but it also costs you your sanity, youth, trust and confidence in your decision-making abilities.
  • Even if you have fought hard for time with your children, you will look forward to the weekends when your spouse has them! This is especially true if you are the custodial parent and you never have “alone time.”
  • Taking care of your children by yourself can be tough. It is okay if you realize that going to work is something you now look forward to doing!
  • Divorce can cause you to lose friends and others you truly care about. Many people feel like they must pick sides, which can add to your sense of loss. It can also be difficult for your friends to know how to talk to you, which makes things awkward. You may even have a hard time feeling sorry for your married friends when they complain because they are not having to raise their children alone.
  • It is important to understand that they court does not care about your feelings or who was right or wrong. Use your friends to complain or vent to, but don’t waste money using your divorce lawyer as your therapist. If possible, try to treat your divorce as a business transaction.
  • Even if you do not approve of your spouse’s parenting style, as long as she is a good parent and does not abuse your children, she will get to spend time with them. Additionally, just because your spouse is not paying her share of child support, she still has a right to her visitation time.
  • Money will always be an issue after a divorce. Child support payments will not cover as much as you think they will.
  • Divorce gives you a second chance. You have the freedom to live the life you want on your own terms. Take time to focus on you and how you want to rebuild or reinvent yourself.

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