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Is Charlie Sheen Too Broke to Pay Child Support?
Is Charlie Sheen Too Broke to Pay Child Support?

Charlie Sheen is claiming that he can no longer afford to make his monthly child support payments to his third ex-wife, Brooke Mueller. The former Two and a Half Men star is claiming that his earnings have decreased dramatically and he is facing hefty medical bills.

Sheen currently pays Mueller $55,000 a month. The couple, who parted ways in 2011, has 6-year old twins Bob and Max together. According to TMZ, Sheen was previously making $613,000 a month from Two and a Half Men, but he recently sold those rights for $26,750,000. Sheen hasn’t reported what he did with this lump sum payment or why proceeds from it cannot be used to pay child support.

Sheen claims his income now averages $87, 384 a month, but last month’s income was only $6,261. To make matters worse, his monthly expenses exceed $100,000 per month, including his health care costs that are not covered by insurance. Further, Sheen is in debt to his attorneys for approximately a million dollars and he has credit card debts that are approaching $600,000.

Sheen’s financial troubles also result from him being extorted out of millions of dollars by people who threatened to expose he was HIV-positive, which he made public last year. NY Daily News also reports that Sheen is $12 million in debt, including his mortgage and legal fees.

Sheen also pays his other ex, Denise Richards, $55,000 in child support for their two daughters. He will likely have to ask for a reduction in their support payments as well since his divorce agreement with Mueller provides that support payments for her boys cannot be lower than the support payments paid to Richards’ girls.

If your life circumstances have dramatically changed and you can no longer afford to make your support payments, let us help. We can review your individual situation and help you determine whether you may qualify to have your divorce decree and/or child support order modified.

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