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Jane Seymour Finalizes her Divorce
Jane Seymour Finalizes her Divorce

According to TMZ, Jane Seymour and James Keach have finalized their divorce after 22 years of marriage. It took a while for their settlement agreement to be negotiated because there was a significant amount of property to divide, including her “Dr. Quinn” money and Dodger tickets.

The couple’s settlement agreement, which was filed with the court for approval, makes it clear that the couple was quite wealthy. Seymour was awarded their home in Malibu and their property in England. She also got a lump sum payment of $132,000, tax-free.

Keach was awarded the season tickets to the L.A. Dodgers. They are splitting their membership at the exclusive Sherwood Country Club, 100 gold South African Krugerrands and 100 Canadian Maple Leaf Coins. The coins are worth more than $1,000 each.

Seymour, who starred in “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman” is not walking away with rights to her show. They’re splitting any future profits. The same is true for any future profits from the movie “Walk the Line,” which the couple produced.

Fox News reports that Seymour stated on “The View” about her split back in 2013: “We open our hearts to one another. We respect one another. We’ve been together 22 years, and we will be together the rest of our lives raising our children and doing things like the Open Hearts Foundation.”

They have two children together, twin boys Kristopher and John.

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