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Japan Under Pressure to Prevent Parental Child Abductions
Japan Under Pressure to Prevent Parental Child Abductions

A recent article in the Washington Post stated that the United States is currently pressuring Japan to sign the 1980 global convention concerning international parental child abductions.  Many foreign nationals have been denied contact with their children by Japanese spouses.  Kurt Campbell, the US Assistant Secretary of State feels that Japan’s resistance to sign could begin putting a strain on American-Japanese relations.  Japan is the only country out of the top seven industrialized nations that has not signed the Hague Convention on parental child abductions.  Campbell commented that this resistance might be due to Japan’s cultural differences.  The country tries to not get involved in family issues and does not enforce child custody agreements.  It’s actually not unusual for fathers to lose all contact with their children after a divorce in Japan.  Campbell hopes that his current visit to Japan will offer the opportunity for the United States and Japan to begin resolving the issue.

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Click here to read the Washington Post’s article, “U.S. presses Japan over parental child abductions.”