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Jhene Aiko Files for Divorce Amid Big Sean Rumors
Jhene Aiko Files for Divorce Amid Big Sean Rumors

The rumors about Jhene Aiko haven’t been confirmed or denied, but her marriage has been pronounced dead.

Aiko filed for divorce from her husband, Oladipo Omishore, who is also known as Dot da Genius. The documents listed the date of marriage as July 26, 2014, meaning the marriage lasted just over two years.

The Big Sean and Aiko relationship took a turn during one of Aiko’s concerts last summer with the Detroit rapper Big Sean. Aiko and Sean finished a song with a few kisses and some physical affection, getting a raised reaction from the crowd.

Aiko and Sean formed the group Twenty88 and have been collaborating for a while now. They have also been making numerous public appearances together. Their social media posts have also led plenty to speculate that there is more going on than either party has publicly stated. Aiko has always played matters like this close to the vest. The public didn’t learn that she was even in a relationship with Dot until he tweeted about their marriage.

Aiko started her career by contributing vocals to songs and videos for the hip hop group B2K. She was signed to the same label as the group, but things didn’t work out similarly. Her debut album was never released, and she was released from the label.

She left the industry only to return with the rap label Artium, which is owned by the producer No I.D. After collaborating with artists like Big Sean and Lil Wayne, she put out her first album and enjoyed tremendous success. In fact, one of her singles, The Worst, went on to be certified platinum.

Omishore has been a producer and mix engineer since 2001. He has a rock group (WZRD) with Kid Cudi. The duo also worked together on Cudi’s popular single, Day ‘n’ Nite. The two friends are very close and even lived together for a couple years.

Big Sean is by far the biggest name in this love triangle. He has released three albums, the last of which debuted as the No. 1 album on the Billboard 200. That was his first album to do so.

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