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Judge Joe Brown’s Marriage Ends
Judge Joe Brown’s Marriage Ends

Longtime TV Judge Joe Brown’s extended, contentious divorce battle’s is finally over and he is yet again a single man. Brown, the star of courtroom reality show, Judge Joe Brown, was the first African-American male to have his own courtroom television show and the first African-American person to have a long-running courtroom series. Since the cancellation of his show in 2013, Brown has had some run-ins with authorities. In June of 2016, Brown’s license to practice law in the state of Tennessee was placed on inactive status.

The reality-based TV show was canceled in 2013 although it was only exceeded in the ratings as a courtroom show by Judge Judy. At the time, Brown charged that the show’s producers, CTD, which also produced Judge Judy, had reneged on various provisions of his contract and failed to provide his show with sufficient advertising in favor of focusing their advertising dollars on the Judge Judy show. Brown went on to say that CTD engaged in several other unethical business practices.

Brown receives a Tennessee home, Porsche 911, Range Rover, Land Rover and Jeep but must pay his wife, Deborah Herron, $2,219 a month in spousal support. She also will receive a Lance Armstrong spin bike, stair climber and the Bowflex in the divorce settlement.

Brown filed for divorce at the end of 2013 and claimed in his financial statement filed with the court that he had only $163,578 in cash at the time. Brown and Herron did not have a prenuptial agreement.

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