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Laker’s Coach Getting Divorce & Wife is Making Demands
Laker’s Coach Getting Divorce & Wife is Making Demands

Byron Scott, coach of the LA Lakers, is getting a divorce and his wife of 29 years has plans for her life post-divorce. Byron filed the petition for divorce from his college sweetheart, Anita Scott, in 2014. Right after the filing, he signed a $17 million contract with the Lakers.

Anita is looking to cash-in on Byron’s deal. According to TMZ Sports, she claims they were living a lush lifestyle even before the Lakers’ deal, so Anita is claiming she is entitled to the same luxury after the divorce. The TMZ report details the types of lifestyle entitlements Anita claims she is accustomed to and that should continue after her divorce:

  • Large mansions, including an eight bedroom home in New Jersey, seven bedroom house in New Orleans and an upscale four bedroom penthouse in Cleveland
  • Expensive clothing, including brands such as Prada, Gucci, Chanel and Louis Vuitton
  • Salon treatments, including $600 every six weeks for her hair, $400 each month for facials, and $500 per month for manicures, pedicures and massages
  • Lavish vacations to the Bahamas every year, via first class airfare and lodging in suites at the top tier resorts

Anita claims she should start receiving spousal support immediately because she is not employed and is being forced to live in a small three bedroom, 2.5 bathroom condominium in Culver City, which is not up to her standards.

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