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Las Vegas Business Offer “Divorce Parties”
Las Vegas Business Offer “Divorce Parties”

Las Vegas is known, among other things, for its many wedding chapels that offer customers anything from an Elvis Presley wedding to a beautiful garden wedding. A new Vegas business is now offering an interesting way to celebrate or blow off steam after your divorce.

The company is called “Machine Guns Vegas” and has previously offered bachelor and bachelorette party packages. Starting Valentine’s Day, it will be expanding its services to offer the Just Divorced package that can provide you with an unconventional type of therapy. A divorcee´ can fire a machine gun and shoot down any variety of items that are a painful memory of their wedding or their marriage. Popular items include wedding gowns, tuxedos, and even marriage certificates.

If you’re interested in throwing a divorce party, you can invite up to four guests to attend your celebration. Everyone has an opportunity to shoot a gun, even inexperienced shooters. The divorce party will cost you $499 and it includes 40 rounds from a machine gun for the divorcee’. The guests are provided 10 rounds on either a black or pink M4.

You can also arrange for Machine Guns Vegas to provide your party’s transportation to and from the shooting range. Additionally, there is a courtesy VIP gun lounge upgrade that includes two private firing lanes, pending availability.

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