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“Let Freedom Ring”: How To Find Freedom As A Man Going Through Divorce
“Let Freedom Ring”: How To Find Freedom As A Man Going Through Divorce

“Let Freedom Ring”: How To Find Freedom As A Man Going Through Divorce

If you’re currently going through a divorce, you’re probably experiencing an overwhelming spectrum of emotions all at once. Depending on the circumstances that led you and your spouse to this point, you may be having difficulty processing the fact that this relationship that has played a significant role in your life is ending. If the two of you have children together, this can all be magnified and cause you to develop stress and anxiety over how you will handle single fatherhood.

No matter which side of the spectrum most of your feelings fall on, you shouldn’t allow them to cloud the view of the freedom you still have to build the life you want. While your future may look a little different than you thought it would, you can still choose to focus on those aspects that are most important to you, no matter if you’re married or not. So, as you celebrate the freedom of our nation this month, take some time to reflect and consider the freedom you can discover for yourself as you go through divorce.

You Are Free From An Unfulfilling Relationship.

Even if it wasn’t your decision to end your marriage, it is likely that one or both of you were feeling unfulfilled in the relationship. The consequences for remaining in an unfulfilling – or even toxic – marriage have been proven time and time again: your stress level will be increased, your self-esteem levels will be decreased, and your children (if you have them) will likely face their own negative effects. All of these things can contribute to the decline of your mental and emotional health, and make you more susceptible to developing an anxiety disorder, depression, or a reliance on alcohol or drugs.

You can make a conscious decision to focus on only putting your energy into relationships that are fulfilling and return positivity to your life. This may look like a focus on the relationship you have with your children, your family, or your close friends. This could also involve you seeking out a new romantic relationship with an individual that has the characteristics you believe will align with what is most important to you. Either way, you can use your newfound freedom to devote time to those relationships which help you grow and flourish.

You Are Free To Rediscover Who You Really Are. 

The definition of the word “marriage” is to join together – two become one. Traditions start. You always go to her family’s Christmas Eve party (you really like talking to her uncle), while she always accompanies you to your family’s Easter brunch (she’s become best friends with your sister). You also learn what makes the other person tick; she loves to read, so you take a trip to the bookstore every other Sunday. Meanwhile, you are a die-hard fan of your local football team, so even though they were expensive, she said it was okay if you bought season tickets. You each become so accustomed to having the other around that it’s less like you’re living your own life, and more like you’re both living one life, together. There’s nothing wrong with that! It’s the reason why humans choose to get married in the first place.

But what happens when that person is no longer there? No more Christmas Eve parties, no more Sunday trips to the bookstore. You’re forced to go back to living your own life, and that leaves many people feeling a little lost. If you’re in this boat, you’re not alone. You may realize that you’ve devoted so much time to your spouse that you’ve forgotten what it is that makes you tick. You now have the freedom to figure it out.

You may rediscover a hobby that fell on the backburner a long time, or discover a new one you’ve been interested in getting more involved with. You may want to do something out of the ordinary – something that makes you feel enthusiasm and joy. If you really want to get out of your comfort zone, you could even consider setting a goal for yourself and actively working toward it. There are no limits to the things you try your hand at to build a new future for yourself.

You Are Free To Become The Best Father You Can Be. 

Becoming a single parent can be a daunting endeavor to undertake. On top of the anxiety that you’re already feeling for the possible effects your divorce will have on your children, you may be worried that you’ll somehow become less of a father on your own. That does not have to become a reality. It’s true – your children will experience a different type of childhood with divorced parents. It doesn’t mean that their childhood will be unhappy or disappointing! Years from now, when they’re grown up and matured, they will look back on memories you made with them that they never forgot. No matter your marital status, you can be a father who helped your kids cope with their parents’ divorce, stayed active in their life, and supported them no matter what.

You Can Be Free From Family Court Bias Against Men.

Many men do not realize how biased family court can be until it’s too late. Fathers across the country get the proverbial short stick when it comes to many factors following a divorce, including alimony, child support, custody, and visitation schedules. Even though we have made a lot of progress in the last 50 years when it comes to gender stereotypes, fathers are still cast as secondary parents – less active than mothers. You can break free of this vicious cycle by choosing to work with dedicated men’s divorce attorneys who know how to fight the inequality in family courts. You should not have to become less of a father because of your divorce, but unfair custody or visitation arrangements may not be the best way for your relationship with your children to develop. Choosing the right firm to handle your divorce can ensure that this does not become a factor.

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