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Madonna & Guy Ritchie Fighting over Rocco
Madonna & Guy Ritchie Fighting over Rocco

Although Madonna is known for being tough and in-charge, she is losing control over her 15-year old son, Rocco. In fact, Rocco’s visit with his father, Guy Ritchie, in the U.K. has lasted months now. Rocco even ignored a court order for him to appear in New York in December. The current custody order grants Madonna custody and Ritchie visitation rights.

While Madonna’ on-stage performances have often been wild and entertaining, she is reportedly a disciplinarian at home. She is strict with her children, implements structure in their upbringing and places education as a top priority. Ritchie, in contrast, does not. He lets Rocco run wild and he does not care if Rocco stays in school or not. In fact, it appears that Ritchie is enjoying having Rocco as a playmate.

According to US Magazine, Ritchie is not doing anything to improve Rocco and Madonna’s relationship. In fact, he speaks negatively of Madonna to Rocco and openly defied the custody arrangement. Madonna believes that Rocco is being used a pawn by Ritchie in order to hurt her. The couple had a bitter divorce and Madonna flaunted her relationship with Alex Rodriguez, the New York Yankees star.

Meanwhile, Madonna is very hurt that Rocco has shunned her. She still has Lourdes, 19, David, 10, and Mercy, 10, but there is a hole without Rocco around. There are reports of Madonna suffering from bouts of crying.

Rocco was supposed to appear at a February 3rd hearing to express why he wants to live with Ritchie and for the judge to decide whether a full custody hearing is necessary. However, the hearing has been continued until March 2nd. Madonna is gearing up for her tours in Asia and Australia, while also focusing on Lourdes, David, and Mercy. It is obvious she is missing Rocco as evidenced by her recent post on Instagram of a picture of her with Rocco when he was a toddler captioned “Tu me manque,” which is French for “I miss you.”

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