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Madonna Seeks Peace with Guy Ritchie
Madonna Seeks Peace with Guy Ritchie

According to TMZ, the judge presiding over the child custody battle between Madonna and Guy Ritchie has instructed them to work out the issues between them. Taking the order to heart, Madonna flew to London to meet with Ritchie.

For years the couple has not seen eye-to-eye on how to raise their son, Rocco, who is currently living with his father in London. The judge urged Madonna and Ritchie to reach a settlement for the benefit of Rocco, 15. To enforce his request, he informed them that if they cannot reach a truce, he will come up with a plan.

It appears that some sort of agreement has been reached since Ritchie was reported to be seen dropping Rocco off to visit with Madonna at her home in London. Further, Ritchie was seencarrying a bottle of wine in with him. From all indications, the couple is figuring things out and Rocco seems to have a good relationship with both parents.

Rocco and Madonna were also recently at dinner together when the singer posted a photo on her Instagram and captioned it “Fun in London with my homies.”

Rocco has lived with Ritchie since December of last year. One of Madonna’s primary concerns is that he is missing too much school. She believes his education is extremely important, while Ritchie doesn’t.

For now, at least, it seems things are returning to normal for Madonna, Ritchie and Rocco.

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