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Have you begun to feel more like a visitor in your child’s life than a role model? It may be time to consult with a skilled father’s rights lawyer. When you are facing complicated legal challenges, it is crucial to have a legal advocate on your side who can help you make sound, reasonable decisions. This can be difficult when it comes to matters relating to your children, as you would likely do anything to remain active in their lives and protect the relationship you have with them. 

We know how emotional and heated family disputes can become, so we strive to support you and ensure you are able to think and act rationally. Whether your case is straightforward or complex, our skilled and professional representation can work with you to develop a solution that meets your unique needs. The Men’s Divorce Law Firm has campaigned for the male point of view in family court for nearly 20 years. Call our experienced Maitland father’s rights lawyers today to learn more about how we can serve you!

Maitland Father’s Rights Lawyers

Present Fathers Matter

The research consistently proves that children who grow up with an active father in their lives become much more successful than those that come from fatherless homes. Data shows that children with involved fathers are less likely to:

  • Develop emotional and behavioral problems
  • Face neglect and abuse
  • Be seriously injured
  • Become obese
  • Become pregnant as a teen
  • Be incarcerated as a juvenile
  • Abuse alcohol and drugs
  • Engage in criminal activity
  • Commit suicide

Meanwhile, the presence of a father gives a child a greater chance at academic success, developing healthy relationships, and having better emotional, social, and behavioral health. 

Being there for your child matters, so if a legal issue such as a contentious divorce, custody, or paternity matter are preventing this, then you need to take action. Even the simplest experiences – like sharing meals, helping them with their homework, or talking with them about their day – can have an effect on your relationship. Our compassionate Maitland father’s rights lawyers know how important this is to you, and they don’t take that responsibility lightly. 

Florida Fathers’ Rights

Fatherhood is legally referred to as paternity, and it allows for a man to have certain rights and responsibilities when it comes to his children. These rights include time with the child, participation in making the major decisions that affect their child’s upbringing (such as those relating to their education, religion, medical care, etc.), traveling with the child, and either permitting or restricting their relocation with the other parent when the distance is greater than 50 miles. Along with rights come responsibilities, which include providing the child a safe environment, providing for them financially, and more. 

Trust Our Maitland Father’s Rights Lawyers To Defend Your Parental Rights And Fight For A Fair Outcome

We frequently help fathers who have been given very little parenting time or visitation, are being denied parenting time or visitation, or are otherwise being legally or illegally prevented from exercising their rights to parent their child. We believe in Constitutional rights, as well as federal and state laws, that prohibit discrimination in legal matters based on gender or other factors. We are prepared to stand up for your rights as a father and the wellbeing of your children in cases which include, but are not limited to:

  • Child custody
  • Visitation
  • Child support
  • Removals
  • Restraining orders
  • Modifications
  • Divorce

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Don’t let another day go by with fear and worry that your legal issue will damage your relationship with your child. We are singularly focused on advocating for the male point of view and aggressively representing men and fathers. Our firm has been granted numerous awards, including Best Divorce Lawyers in Winter Park 2021, the Matrimonial & Family Law Top 30, the National Trial Lawyers Top 100, and more! You can depend on us to give you an advantage and put you in the best position for success. Call our adept Maitland father’s rights lawyers today to schedule your consultation and discover your options. 

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