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It can be extremely distressing for a father to face the uncertainties that come along with a custody issue, especially given the inequities that men often experience within the family court system. If you currently find yourself in the middle of a legal matter of this nature, you may not know where to turn or how to effectively advocate for your child’s best interests, but the attorneys at the Men’s Divorce Law Firm do. 

We know you are committed to ensuring a stable and loving environment for your kids, and we can help craft a strategy that puts you in the best position for achieving that goal. For nearly two decades, our firm has been aggressively representing husbands and fathers in Central Florida with a singular focus on advocating for the male perspective. Call today to learn more about how our Maitland men’s custody lawyers can guide you to the resolution you desire. 

Maitland Men’s Custody Lawyers

Florida Custody Precedents

While terms like “custody,” “visitation,” “primary parent,” and “secondary parent” may have been prevalent in the past, the state of Florida removed these words from the legal vocabulary in a law passed in 2008. Following this change, both mothers and fathers are now simply referred to as “parents.” While this small step paved the way for equality as it pertained to mothers’ and fathers’ time and responsibility with their children following a divorce or separation, the state went even further to establish a 50/50 custody precedent in 2023. 

This means that in all custody determinations, it should be assumed that it is in a child’s best interest to spend an equal amount of time with both their mother and their father, unless prevailing evidence proves otherwise. Our Maitland men’s custody lawyers can help you navigate the creation of a parenting plan that prioritizes your kids’ best interests while also addressing your unique goals. 

Men Face A Number Of Challenges In Custody Cases

Even though Florida has come a long way to leveling the playing field between mothers and fathers in family court, men still often find themselves in an unfavorable position, especially if their spouse resorts to tactics that are biased or misleading. Some men may be painted as too career-focused, or not compassionate enough, to have a significant amount of parenting time. Our Maitland men’s custody lawyers know that there are an innumerable amount of compassionate fathers who only want their relationship with their children to flourish, and ensuring they receive the parenting time they are entitled to is the first step. We will be your staunch advocate and combat any conscious or unconscious bias that may attempt to be used against you.

How Maitland Men’s Custody Lawyers Keep You Grounded

Emotions and tension can get out of hand quickly when your children are involved, and it may be difficult for you to make level-headed decisions at times throughout your case. This is where the Men’s Divorce team can step in to mitigate conflict and keep you focused on the issues at hand. We help you consider things from different perspectives that may never have occurred to you before. You will always know exactly what progress is being made in your case because we are committed to frequent and thorough communication with our clients. We have helped countless dads in Central Florida obtain favorable outcomes in their custody matters, and we can do the same for you!

The Men’s Divorce Law Firm Is Devoted To Defending A Father’s Right To His Children

Our firm, currently led by managing attorney Jean Moses, has earned a reputation for our exceptional service and legal acumen, in addition to a number of awards and recognitions, including Best Divorce Lawyers in Winter Park 2021, the Matrimonial and Family Law Top 30, the National Trial Lawyers Top 100, and more. Contact us today to request your consultation and learn more about how our skilled Maitland men’s custody lawyers can give you an advantage in your custody case.

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