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Modification of Child Support
Modification of Child Support

Child support can be modified based upon a change in circumstances. Child support is always calculated using the parties’ income and it also takes into account day care expenses and insurance premiums. The support can also be affected by the number of overnight visits each parent has with the children.Whenever there is a change in circumstances, for example, one of the parties is earning more or less income, the child has special needs, etc., the parent can Petition the Court to Modify child support based upon the change in circumstances.

Unlike many other legal issues, child support is a math problem based on the amount of income each party earns. If the child support you have been ordered to pay is not based on your actual income, you can file a Financial Affidavit with the Court and petition the Court for a modification of child support based upon your actual income.

It is likely in your best interests to consult an attorney. Once the attorney understands the history of your case and prior orders that have been entered, he or she can best advise you on whether it is necessary to have the transcripts in order to appeal. If you wish to appeal only a child support order, child support will be calculated based on the Financial Affidavit you file with the Court and it is likely that you will not need any prior transcripts.