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Nick Cannon won’t Give Mariah Carey a Divorce
Nick Cannon won’t Give Mariah Carey a Divorce

Perhaps Mariah Carey’s discography seems to be coming back to haunt her in a long-delayed divorce from Nick Cannon.

The singer, who rose to prominence during the 1990s with ballads about being and staying in love, is reportedly worth “half a billion dollars,” according to a 2011 20/20 report featuring the couple with Barbara Waters. There’s little to suggest that number has slipped much in the intervening years.

Cannon doesn’t occupy the same economic stratosphere as his current wife, but he’s had a solid run of success himself. From hosting shows like America’s Got Talent to his executive work with Nickelodeon, the 35-year-old Cannon has built on the foundation of his early music career.

So it would appear that money hasn’t been the motivation behind his unwillingness to finalize the divorce proceedings. The couple reportedly agreed to a property settlement at least 16 months ago as Cannon himself filed the papers to initiate the process in December of 2014, per TMZ. The deal purportedly kept Cannon out of Carey’s then-recent and “very lucrative deal in [Las] Vegas,” but there haven’t been any rumblings about that since.

The more likely scenario involves jealousy or an inability to move on. Carey is the one now pushing for the divorce, having been pressuring Cannon to sign the necessary paperwork for close to a year. Yet TMZ has found that the filing party “doesn’t want Mariah to marry her fiancé, James Packer.”

Emotional issues can make things more difficult than necessary. Cannon and Carey had already agreed how they were going to handle their considerable assets, along with the issues of marital and child support as well as legal and physical custody. With the hard part seemingly done, it’s hard to imagine why anyone would want to drag it out.

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