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Nicollette Sheridan’s Secret Marriage Quickly Ends in Divorce
Nicollette Sheridan’s Secret Marriage Quickly Ends in Divorce

Not all celebrity marriages make it to the headlines, although Nicollette Sheridan’s divorce has hit the news wire.

Sheridan filed for divorce on July 15thaccording to People, with the basis grounded in irreconcilable differences. She had only been married to Aaron Phypers for six months at the time and listed the date of separation as June 19, 2016.

Obviously, considering the marriage lasted such a short time, there will be no issues regarding children. Sheridan has requested that the court withhold any spousal support awards. While the court looks at a number of factors in that particular decision, the short length of the union will probably preclude Phypers from receiving any continuing payments.

Sheridan is a British actress who rose to prominence thanks to her role on the soap opera Knots Landing. She parlayed that success into a number of roles on television movies before finding fame as a member of the smash-hit ABC drama Desperate Housewives. She received a Golden Globe nomination for her work on the successful show.

Comedy fans may remember her from her role on Chris Farley’s movie, Beverly Hills Ninja. She has since turned her attention to writing her own show with hopes of a network picking it up.

Phypers is also an actor, although he hasn’t enjoyed the same level of success. His IMDB pagelists only two acting credits.

The short nature of the marriage may lead some to believe that it is grounds for annulment. That’s not the case in Florida. The law states that only marriages that generally involve some sort of fraudulent or illegal grounds can be annulled. Length of marriage is not a factor in the decision.

The limited temporal nature of Sheridan’s relationship does make it likely that the proceedings will go rather smoothly. The main issues of contention for a divorce usually center on children and the division of marital property. It’s unlikely that the pair have much of a marital estate, and that the majority of assets will be considered separate property.

Not all short marriages will be quick and easy, however. The attorneys at the Men’s Divorce Law Firm can protect your interests in a divorce. Call 321-DIVORCE today to schedule a consultation so we can guide you through the particular issues involved in your family law matter.