Orlando, FL Men’s Divorce Lawyers

If you’re a husband or father who is considering divorce, or who has already been served with divorce papers, you may have a long and difficult road ahead. Divorce is always hard, but it can be especially so for men. The actions you take and decisions you make now and during the process will affect every aspect of your life – your mental and emotional health, your financial stability, your ability to pursue career opportunities, your relationship with your children, your community, your reputation, and more. Because there is much at stake, it’s important that you have the best possible representation on your side. The knowledgeable and experienced Orlando men’s divorce lawyers at Men’s Divorce Law Firm can help you achieve a fair resolution! Call today to request a consultation and learn more about your next steps.

Challenges Men Face In Divorce

Legally, courts aren’t supposed to show bias towards women in divorce cases. However, this bias still exists in many family law courts in Florida, even if it is subtle. Men may be presumed to have more money than their wives or to be more experienced with handling the finances. Men may be presumed to be too dedicated to their careers to have the time or emotional capacity to be the primary custodial parent, if custody is involved in the divorce.

Occasionally, if the relationship between a husband and wife is extremely contentious, the wife and her attorney may employ dishonest tactics to paint the husband in a bad light and sway the judge further in their favor. This can result in men being required to pay more than what’s actually fair when it comes to alimony (spousal support). This can also result in men not being able to be as involved in their children’s lives.

That’s why it is critical to have Orlando men’s divorce lawyers you can trust to have your back, who understand these unique obstacles you may have to overcome and who can build a strong case for your desired outcome!

What Our Orlando Men’s Divorce Lawyers Can Do For You

Divorce can be overwhelming, and you may have no idea what to expect or what you even want to happen. Because emotions like fear, worry, stress, anger, sadness, and loneliness can run high, you may not be able to see clearly in order to make strategic choices that will lay the best foundation for your future. That’s where Men’s Divorce Law Firm comes in! We know what you are going through, and we’ll take the time to listen to your story and answer your questions. We will give you honest, effective advice and connect you to resources that can make this journey easier. You can trust us to support you and communicate with you so that you are empowered to pursue your goals. Our goal is to make sure what matters most to you is protected!

Why Choose Us?

Our Orlando men’s divorce lawyers have been dedicated to aggressively representing husbands and fathers in Orlando and surrounding areas for more than 18 years. We are committed – and singularly focused on – standing up for the rights of men in family court! Our firm’s late founder, Jeffrey Feulner, was a single dad himself, and so he built a firm that revolved around the male point of view in divorce and custody matters, among others.

To date, the team at Men’s Divorce Law Firm has won many awards for our abilities to secure good outcomes for our clients, including the Best Divorce Lawyers in Winter Park 2021, the Matrimonial & Family Law Top 30, the National Trial Lawyers Top 100, the National Advocates Top 100 Lawyers, the Lawyers of Distinction 2020, and others. Our reputation and experience can give you an advantage! Because divorce can get complex, it’s important to enlist representation sooner rather than later; call our firm today to request a consultation and discuss your options.