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If you are a father in Florida who is facing a significant challenge in securing the custody arrangement that is in your kids’ best interest, you may be feeling like you are fighting a losing battle. Matters pertaining to your children can be extremely sensitive and emotionally taxing, but due to outdated stereotypes and societal prejudice, you may not be viewed or treated as being as vital a figure in their lives compared to their mother.

Our Oviedo men’s custody lawyers know how vulnerable – and even hopeless – this likely has you feeling, because we have helped countless others who were in those same shoes. Through carefully crafted legal strategies and compassionate attention to each family’s unique dynamics, the Men’s Divorce Law Firm successfully navigated those fathers through their custody matters, and we can do the same for you! Call today to request your consultation and learn more about how we can meet your legal needs.

Oviedo Men’s Custody Lawyers

What Are The Common Pitfalls Florida Fathers Face In Custody Matters?

For generations, mothers were presumed to be the better, more nurturing caretaker, especially when it came to younger children. This presumption was known as the “tender years” doctrine and was actually the standard for which custody matters were legally determined by judges across the country.

However, as society has progressed, courts have rightfully moved away from this standard and paved the way for a more equitable process, especially here in Florida, where a 50-50 custody presumption was established in 2023. This means that it is in a child’s best interests to spend an equal amount of time with both of their parents following a divorce or separation, unless there is prevailing evidence that proves otherwise.

Despite recent efforts, it is unfortunately still far too common for judges to act on their subconscious bias and make wrongful assumptions, such as that some fathers are too career-driven to be able to devote the necessary time to their children, or that some may not be nurturing or caring enough to have custody of babies or toddlers.

Our Oviedo men’s custody lawyers know that this could not be farther from the truth, and that there are so many loving fathers who only want to ensure their parental rights remain protected.

How Can Oviedo Men’s Custody Lawyers Lead You To The Best Possible Outcome?

We don’t need to tell you what all you have at stake, because you probably already know: not having your children live with you, not being able to see them as much as you want, being forced to pay more in child support, being unable to play an active role in your kids’ upbringing, and more. In a high-conflict situation, it is much more likely that you will also face unethical tactics (like misleading statements or false accusations) from your ex and her attorney, on top of the implicit bias men often face in family court.

Our skilled Oviedo men’s custody lawyers are fierce allies when it comes to defending against bias, protecting your parental rights, presenting evidence that supports the truth, and putting you in the best position for achieving your desired outcome.

The Men’s Divorce Law Firm Is Committed To You And Your Family

For nearly two decades, our team has gone to bat for men and fathers all over Central Florida who are facing difficult legal matters pertaining to their family. We are dedicated to advocating for the male perspective by using our exceptional knowledge of the law, as well as our extensive experience within the Florida court system. We have been recognized as the Best Divorce Lawyers in Winter Park 2021, the Matrimonial & Family Law Top 30, the National Trial Lawyers Top 100, and more! Call today to schedule your consultation and learn more about how representation from our strategic Oviedo men’s custody lawyers can make a difference in the results of your case.

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