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Ending a relationship that has played a critical role in your life and moving on from this significant chapter into a new one can be a challenging journey, especially if you are a man. Divorce requires a lot of emotional, mental, legal, and financial heavy-lifting, and you may be feeling like you’re stuck on a rollercoaster with no end to the ride in sight. If your uncertainties and doubts are becoming overwhelming, let our Oviedo men’s divorce lawyers step in and provide the support you need!

For nearly two decades, the Men’s Divorce Law Firm has been advocating for husbands and fathers in Central Florida, and fighting bias within the family court system. We can skillfully guide you through your divorce and related issues, such as asset division, custody and child support (if you and your spouse share children), and more. Because we are singularly focused on representing the male perspective, we are highly experienced in anticipating the challenges that may arise in your divorce and know how to tackle them effectively. Call today to request your consultation and learn more about how we can serve you!

Oviedo Men’s Divorce Lawyers

Men Face A Number Of Challenges In Divorce, Such As…

Lack of support – Men have traditionally been expected to handle difficult things on their own, and many have internalized outdated stereotypes that would consider them “weak” if they were to ask for help. Because of this, men may find themselves lacking support through their divorce and unsure of where to find it. The Men’s Divorce team can serve as a resource for you and also connect you to others that make this transition a little easier for you.

Bias – While the state of Florida has taken major action in recent years to combat the inequity of the family court system, unconscious bias and implicit bias, unfortunately, still exists. Men may be painted as cold, uncaring husbands and fathers, leading courts to rule in favor of the other party in asset division, custody, and more. Our skilled Oviedo men’s divorce lawyers are seasoned in recognizing this bias and developing a strategy to counter these unfair prejudices. 

Uncertainty – Being unsure of what to expect or what choices you should be making can be one of the greatest obstacles to proceeding confidently through your divorce. We take the time to ensure you understand your legal options and what you should expect as your case moves forward. That way, you can make the most informed, empowered decisions and have the best chance at accomplishing your unique goals.

Mediation, Collaboration, Or Litigation: Which Method Is Right For Your Situation?

If you and your spouse have ended things on amicable terms or you generally agree on matters like asset division and custody, mediation or collaboration may be an option for you that allows you to stay out of court, save money, and protect your privacy during your divorce. They have a few key differences, but overall allow for each of you to have your voice heard in an environment much less intimidating than a courtroom, and for more creative and unique solutions to be found for your circumstances. 

You do not have to be best friends with your ex – or even like them! – for mediation or collaboration to be effective. However, we know that they are not viable options for every couple. If your divorce must be litigated in court because there is simply too much disagreement on both sides, you can rely on our aggressive Oviedo men’s divorce lawyers to go to bat for you. We will relentlessly advocate for the resolutions you desire and put you in the best position for achieving a favorable outcome.

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