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Patricia Arquette Taking Her Ex’s Side in Divorce
Patricia Arquette Taking Her Ex’s Side in Divorce

Patricia Arquette, the “Boyhood” star, and her 26 year old son are being called to testify as witnesses on behalf of her ex-boyfriend in his bitter divorce trial. In the late 1980s, Arquette and Paul Rossi were dating and their son, Enzo, was born. The couple broke-up a month after Enzo was born, but Rossi remained in Enzo’s life.

Rossi later married Kerry-Ann Johnston-Rossi, who he is now divorcing. Johnston-Rossi is alleging that Rossi is verbally abusive and threatening to her. She claims she has lived in constant fear of him.

Rossi has responded to Johnston-Rossi’s claims by simply stating that she is lying. Rossi intends to have Arquette and Enzo testify as character witnesses on his behalf. It is expected that they will inform the court of what a good father the Argentinian musician has been to Enzo and that Rossi has not demonstrated any violent or abusive tendencies. In fact, there have been reports that Arquette may testify regarding Johnston-Rossi’s poor parenting skills.

The trial is set for March. Meanwhile, Arquette is up for a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her role as a single mom in “Boyhood.” The film has also received nominations for Best Picture, Original Screenplay and Director and Supporting Actor (Ethan Hawke).

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