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Being a father is one of the most important roles a man can have in his lifetime, but we know that not every man is able to do so without legal intervention. Unfortunately, there are mothers who take advantage of the bias in the family court system to prevent their child’s father from being involved in their life. Our Plymouth men’s paternity lawyers are dedicated to fighting for a father’s rights and responsibilities to their children, because we know how much impact present fathers have.

Data proves that children who grow up with both parents in their life tend to be more emotionally stable, perform better academically, and develop stronger social skills. However, we know how overwhelming it can be to be named as a child’s biological father when you don’t believe you are.

At the Men’s Divorce Law Firm, we represent men in all types of paternity actions, whether you are sure you’re the father or not. We can guide you through the proper legal channels, obtain paternity testing, and advocate for you in court, if necessary. Call today to book your consultation with a member of our team and learn more about how we can serve you!

Plymouth Men’s Paternity Lawyers

How Is Paternity Established In Florida?

If a couple is married when a child is born, it is fairly simple to establish paternity, as the husband will automatically be listed as the father on the birth certificate. If a baby is born to an unmarried couple, there are a few extra steps that must be taken to establish paternity.

If both the man and woman agree on the paternity of their child, they can simply sign a legal document called the Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity (VAP) form at the hospital, or later at their local Department of Revenue office, the Clerk of the Circuit Court, or the Office of Vital Statistics.

When the man and woman do not agree on the paternity of the child, things get a little more complicated. Either party may file a paternity action in court, which may then result in a judge ordering genetic testing to be conducted. The paternity determination can then be established based on the results. Our experienced Plymouth men’s paternity lawyers can help you begin the process and take the proper steps to get the answers you need!

How Can I Assert My Paternity And Gain Rights And Responsibilities To My Child?

If you are determined to be the child’s biological father and want to assert your paternal rights, our knowledgeable Plymouth men’s paternity lawyers can help you obtain appropriate child support, timesharing (custody), and visitation arrangements. It can be difficult to establish a formal parenting plan for the first time, especially if there is tension between you and your child’s mother. We can outline your rights and responsibilities regarding the decisions which affect your child’s upbringing, as well as address any other pertinent issues such as their education and healthcare.

The Men’s Divorce Law Firm team understands the importance of fostering positive and meaningful relationships between fathers and their children and are committed to advocating for your rights as a father every step of the way!

How Can I Dispute Paternity Allegations?

If you find yourself implicated in a paternity case and you’ve been served with a Petition to Determine Paternity, we can also help you dispute paternity allegations. You should not be forced to pay child support or invest your emotional energy into a child that is not biologically yours. These cases can be sensitive and highly conflictive, but you can trust us to aggressively advocate for your interests and for the truth to be brought to light.

Why Choose Our Plymouth Men’s Paternity Lawyers?

For 20 years, the Men’s Divorce Law Firm has been a staunch advocate for father’s rights and have passionately represented Central Florida fathers in their legal matters. We will begin making progress on your case in a timely manner, because we know that every minute you are able to spend building a relationship with your son or daughter matters! Call today to book your initial consultation and let us help you take the first step toward a brighter future.

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