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Post-Divorce: The Difficult Process of being a “Blended Family”
Post-Divorce: The Difficult Process of being a “Blended Family”

If you are one of the numerous families across our country that has been formed after a divorce with children, a subsequent marriage, and possibly more children, you are what is commonly referred to as a “blended family.” In fact, the nuclear family that is one marriage that has endured the test of time has become more of a rarity. Families now come in a wide variety of forms.

There are some that would argue the term “blended family” is inaccurate for what families go through in order to get where they are now. The idea of a family simply blending together seems to ignore the difficult process they have gone through to achieve their status and refers only to the desired result.

Establishing a blended family is often a difficult and unpredictable adventure, but the effort is worth it. There is no specific mold for what constitutes a family unit or a recipe you can follow for blending one into something specific. Families range from single parents, step-parents, same-sex couples, and many other varieties.

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